If you have any item of value, the hotel is not responsible for the loss of jewelry or valuable items left in the rooms.


The furniture and utensils of the rooms, as well as the rest of the common areas of the establishment, are part of the services provided and have been arranged with the intention of making the stay of the guests as pleasant as possible, for which an adequate and respectful use is requested. In any case, they are belongings of the establishment and once the stay is over, the inventory of the contents of the apartment will be reviewed, so that, in case of loss, theft or unjustified deterioration of the same, the establishment reserves the right to make use of the deposit for damages and / or claiming the corresponding compensation.
Stains and bumps on walls can be considered as abuse or misuse.


The client who signs the entry form is responsible for the correct behavior of all the people who accompany him. In accordance with Law 6/2018, on March 12th, from the Generalitat, according to the modification of Law 14/2010, on December 2nd, from the Generalitat, of public spectacles, recreational activities and public establishments, the Property reserves the right of Admission. The public scandal or an inappropriate behavior that disturbs the rest and the coexistence in the building will suppose the immediate expulsion without considering the time of day or night. This also means the loss of rent and bail without any right of compensation.


• Tranquility and silence must always be maintained and respected.
• The silent time is from 22:00 p.m. until 10:00 a.m.
• Any type of party is strictly prohibited. In case of complaints from other customers regarding disorders, loud music, or the holding of parties at the property, or in case that would be necessary to call the police, Apartments La Laguna reserves the right to vacate the apartment immediately. In such case, the lessee will not have the right of a refund of any amount paid.
• Smoking is not allowed inside the apartments. It is only permitted in the outdoor areas (balconies and / or terraces).
• Contribute not to waste unnecessary energy by making sure that the air conditioning and the lights are off every time you leave the apartment.
• During your stay, empty the trash and deposit it in the nearest trash containers.
• For your safety, always close the main door with a key.
• Take care of the common spaces.
• Do not shake towels or tablecloths, as well as throw objects through the window (cigar butts, …)
• The common areas must always be free of obstacles for security reasons (bicycles, golf bags, toys, inflatables, etc.)
• Do not ring the doorbell of the other neighbors if it is not necessary.
• Pets are not allowed


The apartments have a maximum capacity that is established in the hiring.
In case of extension of people, this maximum cannot be exceeded plus a child under 2 years old (always with the authorization of the company’s management).
In case of breach of this clause and not reporting the establishment of such extension, the establishment will charge a supplement rate of 200 euros per person per night.
In case of agreement of extension of occupants because the apartment allows it, a price per person per night of 100 euros is established.
The ownership of the person who initially occupied the apartment during the duration of the stay cannot be changed, in case of an occupants change, it will be considered an extension of occupants without consent and the supplementary occupant rate will be applied.


The duration of the stay will be indicated in the admission form and will be contracted by the client initially.
The establishment may authorize the extension as long as there is no subsequent entry into the occupied apartment.
The price that will be applied for the extended days, will be the rate established for the dates in which the extension takes place (according to the corresponding season: high, mid or low).
During the months of July and August the minimum stay will be of a week that may be at the discretion of the management from Monday to Monday, Saturday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday. The extension of this minimum stay will always be for stays of one week. Also, at the company’s discretion, it will be possible to contract fortnights with a maximum of 21 days.
During the rest of the year you it is possible to rent for a minimum stay of 2 or 4 nights (according to low or mid-season respectively) except for Easter and December 31st and January 1st.
In case that the client, for any reason, decides to finish their contracted stay prior to the expiration date, the company will not discount or pay the days not used.


La Laguna Apartment is not responsible for any type of accident and / or INCIDENTS, that the guest suffers inside the facilities of the apartments such as falls, hits, slipa, animal bites, among others. The expenses incurred by this accident or incident will be borne by the guest, exempting the hotel from any legal responsibility.


1.- The consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances is prohibited, within any area of ​​the apartment / hotel, this infraction will be immediately reported to the corresponding authorities.
2.- It is forbidden to alter the order and use the electric current and the mechanical equipment installed in the rooms for other purposes than those to which they are intended.
3.-It is forbidden to use the towels and other garments of the room for outdoor use.
4.-It is forbidden to remove utensils, bedding, blankets, etc. … from the establishment.
5.-It is prohibited to place advertising posters. Only those installed by the property of Apartments La Laguna.
6.- Access to the rooms occupied by the guests of any person that has not been previously and expressly authorized by the client is prohibited and reserves the right not to allow visits from other people in the room.
7.- The access of people accompanied by animals is prohibited, unless they are guide dogs.


The time of entry to the tourist apartments will be from 5pm.
The departure time of the tourist apartments will be before 12 o’clock in the morning.


In case of infringement of one or more of the conditions and / or prohibitions listed above, the property has the right to immediately rescind the accommodation contract. The client is also obliged to pay for all the days of accommodation fixed in the reservation.